Top 5 Overused Words in Christian and Bible Blogging

Don't get me wrong, I love Christian/Bible blogs, and I love blogging myself, but there are a few buzzwords I find to be just ever-so-slightly overused in the blogosphere:

5. Exegesis: This includes "exegetic," "exegetical," and the like.  I don't mean to be critical of exegetes, but it does seem redundant to me to bandy about terms like "exegesis" and "exegetic" in writing that is clearly exegetical to begin with.  It is akin to using "blog post."  Of course, it's a "blog post," to what other type of post would you be referring.  Similarly, one need not reference their own exegesis in obviously exegetical work.

4. Eschatology: I love eschatology, I really do, but eschatological discussions often include repeated references to the term "eschatology" by the newest eschatolog.  It's a cool word, I get it.

3. Hermeneutics: See "exegesis," "exegetic," and "exegetical" above.  At least practitioners of hermeneutics aren't called "hermenetes."  Hermeneuticians(?), consider yourselves lucky.

2. Apologetics: Again, I love apologetics and apologists.  But, it seems we should all be defenders of our faith without assigning the task to a growing class of professional debaters (and I am a former competitive debater, so if I think "apologetics" is overused, it is).  It seems that if we could "prove" the tenets of our faith, then our faith would be rendered less meaningful.

1. Worldview: With all due respect to the "Christian Worldview" crowd (with whom I agree, in large part), it seems that the most appropriate response to the notion that we should have a Christian Worldview is, "Well, duh!"  I agree, for the umpteenth time.

Is it just me?

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