Digital Apologetics Study Bible

Apologetics Study Bible now digital.

Apologetics Study Bible now digital.

I want to thank Kent from Logos Bible Software for making me aware of the new digitized Apologetics Study Bible (ASB) that is a part of the Holman Reference Collection available from

In my post So Many Translations, So Little Time, I wrote that my next big project would probably be the Apologetics Study Bible published by B&H Publishing Group. The text of the ASB is the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB) which I am quite fond of; in particular, the treatment of the Hebrew in a few key Old Testament passages (Genesis 1:1 to be exact, albeit in the footnotes). I appreciate that Kent found my reference and responded.

More than the referral to the digitized Apologetics Study Bible, I was quite surprised by the scope of the entire Holman Reference Collection. It includes the Apologetics Study Bible, the Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary, the Holman Bible Handbook, the Holman Concise Bible Commentary and Teacher's Bible Commentary, Holman Bible Atlas, Holman Book of Charts, Maps and Reconstructions, Harmony of the Gospels, the book 131 Christians Everyone Should Know, 4000 Questions and Answers on the Bible, and much more.

The production is still in the preorder stage, so if you are interested, you can preorder for approximately 60% off. I, personally, have not preordered. I am not familiar enough with the publications listed to purchase the package without more information. The package does look impressive though.

My personal experience with Logos is extremely limited, but I know several others who absolutely love Logos, my pastor included. I will have to put familiarization with Logos on my ever-increasing to-do list. Thanks for the info, Kent.

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