I am Peter M. Lopez, a husband, father, lawyer, radio show host, and writer. I currently reside in Sweetwater, Texas, the Wind Energy Capital of the world. By day, I am a criminal defense and family law attorney - visit my firm's website petermlopez.com. By night (who am I kidding, by day usually, too), I burn up the internet here and on my radio show's website fantasynewshour.com.

I am something of a religious mutt.  I was born and raised Catholic, I went to a Methodist university, I spent time as an agnostic (sort of), I was saved in a Baptist church, and now I attend a non-denominational, charismatic churh - Emmanuel Fellowship where my wife was the Children's Pastor for seven years, and where we lead the marriage ministry Marriage Makeover.

I have absolutely no qualifications to write a Bible blog, but I love God and I love His Word.  I also have something of a knack for studying out stuff that most would find useless and boring.  And, yet, it was out of said knack that this blog was born.

This blog was originally launched in November of 2007. The purpose of this blog is to provide non-traditional insight into the Word of God. It is my firm belief that there is a richness and depth to the scriptures that is inexhaustible.

In addition to the text of the Bible, the ancient Hebrew alphabet, numbers and symbolism give keen insight into the mind of God, limited though our understanding of it may be.  Any such insight is worth exploring. I hope you enjoy reading.