Revelation Bible Study Group

This should be interesting (although I don't think I will blog about it the way I have with my Hebrews Bible Study (not without appropriate release forms being signed anyway)), but a small group from our church is beginning a study of the book of Revelation. Why will this be especially interesting, you ask? Because of the participants: yours truly and his lovely wife Pastor Lolo (who are as different as night and day); a friend of mine, the former-Church-of-Christ-pastor-turned-charismatic who hangs around BOB from time to time under the username "watchmancurtis" (and who needs a blog of his own); our pastor, whose eschatological take I am still unable to pinpoint even after considerable poking, prodding, and thorough cross-examination, although I'm fairly confident it's not heretical (but I reserve the right to change my mind after or during this study); and anyone else who might be interested.

It's a veritable motley crew to be sure. And we should either settle all the questions once and for all, or split the church entirely (just kidding, we love each other warts and all, I think).

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