More Curious Statistics

I think I have officially spent too much time analyzing this blog's statistics, but I can't help but comment on one more search term. Regardless of whether I click on week, month, quarter, year or all time, the search term that has landed the most searchers on this blog is "satan." I noticed a while back that nearly every day "satan" was at or near the top of the search terms for that day.  What's more interesting is that I only have two posts ever tagged "satan" (When Evil is Beautiful and For the Kingdom of Heaven is Like), now three.  I certainly don't write on the subject much, and I didn't remember ever writing about it until I searched my own tags to refresh my memory.

As I mentioned in a similar discussion here, I'm thrilled to have anyone (and everyone) searching for "satan" end up here.

It just struck me as a little odd.  But, "satan" does bring a little traffic here every day, thank God. :)

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