Top Beauties of 2009

A few weeks ago, I wrote about what I thought was, at the time, the most interesting search string that got a searcher to my blog (if you were stuck on a desert island which...). Now, such idle speculations have been replaced atop the most interesting search string list. The new most interesting search string to land a searcher here is now:

  • world's top 50 beauties - 2009

Assuming for the moment that the searcher for the world's top 50 beauties - 2009 was, in fact, attempting to satisfy some carnal curiosity and not searching for Biblical beauty, imagine the good that would come (not to mention traffic) if every searcher of worldly and/or fleshly beauty landed on a site that offered spiritual beauty in its stead. May the Lord bring more of them.

But, lucky for this guy (admittedly, I'm assuming the searcher was male), I am able to offer both.  Here are the top beauties of 2009 (my wife and daughter):

Top beauties for 2009.

Top beauties for 2009.

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