The Big Sin Meme

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

In the truly "better late than never" category, here is my answer to The Big Sin Meme started by Roger Mugs, who tagged TC Robinson (New Leaven), who tagged me, who tagged Kevin Bacon. Money, sex, and power seem to be among the most common responses, and I could very easily recite those here as well, but that almost seems like confessing that I need food, water, and shelter to survive.

To be brutally honest, I would have to confess that my addictive personality would pose the biggest potential downfall. Not that having an addictive personality is a sin in itself, but the result thereof often is. I tend to become obsessive about the latest thing I get involved in, so it could very easily be any of the above, but it could also be spending, blogging, or even Bible study (I'm sure my wife will attest to the many hours I spent obsessing over ancient Hebrew).

It's not that any of these things are sinful per se, but it is my neglect of other things while doing any of these that is my biggest potential downfall.

Thanks, TC for the tag, and I now tag HiScrivener (The Writing on the Wall) and Carl (The World According to Carl), not because I want their full confession, but so that my readers will check out their blogs as proof that Christian blogs can be fun and entertaining.

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