Top 10 Reasons People Go To Church

I am a part of a men's group that meets weekly. We take turns bringing a short message each week. A good friend brought this last week. It's funny and worth your time. Enjoy!

Top 10 Reasons People Go to Church

10. Free babysitting!

9. Everybody's doing it.

8. Old habits are hard to break.

7. There's nothing good on Sunday morning TV.

6. Four words: all you can eat (between prayer breakfast, pot-luck dinners & ice cream suppers, going to church is like living on a cruise ship).

5. To show off my new outfit.

4. I want to be a good person.

3. To catch up on the latest gossip.

2. I don't want to go to hell.

1. God has showered his creation with His unconditional love and I want to respond to that gift by praising Him, learning more about Him, and by surrounding myself with people who will encourage one another in our walk with Him.

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