5 Christian Buzz Words that Need to be Re-Defined

Following yesterday's 5 Sources of Bad Theology, I thought I'd mention a few buzz words that we need to re-define. And not so much re-define as just take back. But here goes: 5. Moral/Morality - Despite efforts of organizations like the Moral Majority, the fight for "morality" is a lost cause. Why? Because it labels everything and everyone else "immoral," or worse yet, "amoral." And when you do, someone who was moral does something immoral and tries to explain why the immoral act was actually amoral and it's a great big morality mess. Let the philosophers have it back, and let's worry about changing hearts rather than changing behavior.

4. Born Again - I know Jesus said it, and I believe it is absolutely necessary, but we Christians should really evaluate whether we are indeed "born again." Lest we be born again, we cannot enter the kingdom of God, and lest we be born of water and of the Spirit, we cannot. Going to Church doesn't make you born again. I went to church for years completely ignorant of this, as do many, I'm sure.

3. Believer - I have many friends who are "believers," but very few of us actually believe the same thing. "She's a believer, but her husband is not...," "Is he a believer?," "Are her parent's believers?" Sound familiar? "Believer" is not an item on a checklist to be checked off thereby making someone okay and/or acceptable. And what if your believer daughter is dating a believer boyfriend, but he "believes" at a church that belongs to a differently believing denomination. Do you know who, often times, most need ministering? Believers! Why? Because they don't really believe, or they don't know what they believe. Believe me!

2. Pray/Prayer/Praying - How often do you hear, "Pray for so-and-so...," or "You can be in prayer for...," or "How can we pray about..."? How often do those needs really get prayed for. I think this has become a very clever, religious way of venting, or worse, gossiping. I am a part of a study group that has determined not to let real prayer requests/needs go idly by. If you ask any of us for prayer, you're getting it. Right then. Right there. Be it on the phone, in the grocery store, at the ball game, or wherever. Plus, I'm forgetful, so I have to do it right then or it won't get done.

1. Evangelicals - Can I be perfectly honest? "Evangelicals" who evangelize everything and anything but the gospel really bug me. If you evangelize a political cause, you are political, not evangelical. If you evangelize a political cause and mask it as a religious one, you are clever, but still political. If you evanglize yourself (other than to promote your own little Bible blog), you should be ex-communicated. Why the "Moral Born Again Believers for Life" should take a stance on interstate highway funding is beyond me. But, it does suggest that they might be mildly more political than evangelical. So, let's leave the "evangelical" stuff to those who actually preach the gospel, shall we?.

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