Her Favorite Meal-Bread and Grape Juice

We have spent several months trying to learn and adapt to the budding taste buds of our 11-month old. Bananas were and remain a big hit. Sweet potatoes are equally sweet. Squash, carrots, peas, all good. She really loves mixed fruits (blueberries and pears, bananas and anything, etc.). The peach cobbler was absolutely peachy.

We were brave and tried making homemade baby food. The fresh carrots, peas, and avocados were a success; the green beans...not so much. And once she starts in on the beans and rice, it's hard to get her to stop.

For a snack, Cheerios rule. The Gerber cherry puffs are a close second. I don't know if Mum Mums were discontinued or if our local grocer just stopped carrying them, but that was a sad day in our house.

But, I think her favorite meal is bread and grape juice (albeit white grape juice). I hope that's symbolic, or prophetic. Or both.

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