Give Me Some More Leviticus

Last week, I finished reading through Leviticus again. It was only the second time I've read through it start to finish. Which is a shame really. I think Leviticus gets a bad rap. Off and on, I've spent a fair amount of time studying the feasts, but I've spent very little time on the remainder of Leviticus. The symbolism is unreal. And not that I'm claiming to grasp it all, quite the contrary. But, it's good stuff.

Suggestion: if anyone is planning to tackle Leviticus any time soon, read the fall feasts for their eschatological significance, and, when reading about the offerings, think about God symbolizing the bull or offering from the herd, Jesus as the lamb or offering from the flock, and, of course, the Holy Spirit as the pigeon or turtle dove offerings.

I would be curious to hear anyone's thoughts. If you know of any other resources relating to this, I would also be grateful if you would let me know.

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