Top Ten Reasons To...

My cyber-buddy (via Facebook and blogrolls) Gary Zimmerli of The Sundry Times deserves to be on a list of top-something-or-other blogs.  So, in honor of Gary and his blog, I give you the "Top 10 Reasons To Put The Sundry Times on a Top 10 List."

10. The Sidebar Warning. And I quote, "Spammers will be deleted without notice. This includes anybody peddling unorthodox theology." I'm bold, but not that bold.  I even allow a spammer here and there as an act of service to spammers everywhere, but not Gary.  And unorthodox theology, are you kidding me(?), it's all over the place here.  So, support Gary's no-spamming policy and put him on a list.

9. The "My Bible Preferences Today Widget." Unlike many bibliobloggers, Gary changes his Bible translation preferences like Dr. Jim West changes themes.  I do too.  My favorite translation is usually the one I'm reading at that moment.  So, support Gary's support of various Bible translations and put him on a list.

8. The Conservative Underground: I don't know what it is, what it means, or how it's "underground" with blog widgets circulating, but it sounds so conspiratorial.  So, support Gary's illuminati-ed brethren and put him on a list (tc, that brethren is also for you, my brother, put Gary on one of your lists).

7. Gary's Funny: If you like your humor like fine wine (the dryer the better), perhaps Gary's blog is for you. Gary seems to think, "All those other blogs are written by guys who are much more single-minded and mentally disciplined." If his Google reader list is anything like mine, this is too funny.  Doesn't humor like this merit inclusion on a list?

6. Weather Updates: In the event you find yourself in Monkato, MN, look no further than Gary's blog to know if you need an umbrella or snow shoes.  Everyone in Monkato, MN should put Gary on a list.

5. Me: Yes, me.  Gary accepted my Facebook friendship, listed this blog on his blogroll, and is a reader of mine.  Such wisdom, intelligence, and taste deserves to be on a list.

Sausage Links.

Sausage Links.

4. Links: Gary's links (how cool is that?):

Blogroll/Cinnamon Roll.

Blogroll/Cinnamon Roll.

3. Blogroll: Gary's blogroll (even better):

2. Divers: Not as in scuba, but as in various. Yes, Gary still uses the King James spelling of diverse in his blog subtitle, The Sundry Times (and divers manners).  Put Gary on a list and you could generate more traffic from scuba searches.  If it's just a spelling error, well, he got away with one.

1. The Smirk: And the #1 reason to put Gary on a list: his smirk. Can you beat this guy's profile photo?  He looks like someone you can't help but trust while also looking like he knows something he shouldn't, or something you don't.  Dick Cheneyesque, from the Cheney-Lieberman debates.  I would trust him with my child, but I wouldn't dare sit across a poker table from him.

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