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Guest Post on Monday Morning Review

I once again had the good fortune of writing our pastor’s Monday Morning Review yesterday.

A lot of great things are happening at EFC, so it was much more of a recap and look ahead. If you have a minute, give it a look.

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The Roscoe Hard Times Blog

I just found this blog (The Roscoe Hard Times) about my hometown on facebook, so I had to share.

It’s fairly new, but all you old Plowboys out there can keep up with the happenings of Roscoe, TX, USA from the comfort of your laptop or smartphone.

Give it a look.

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Life in Mute

I want to plug my cousin-in-law’s blog, Life in Mute. It’s a blog about hearing impiaredness, life and deafness-related issues.

When you get a chance, give it a look.

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New Theme…Again

I couldn’t resist. I loved this theme. It’s Fusion.



A Little Link Love

A friend of mine and I were, once upon a time, going to be the next biggest social networking gurus.

I, obviously, don’t own a facebook, twitter, or one of their competitors, just a few humble blogs. But, he’s still hard at it, and I just wanted to throw him a little free advertising. So, if you need flowers in the Big Country area or some other product or service, give his sites a look.

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Poll: Should I Delete this Comment and Ban this Commenter?

Not 24 hours after announcing my lack of a comment policy and confessing sympathy for even spam commenters, I have been forced to reconsider.

And I am faced with a dilemma. To ban or not to ban?

Actually, “ban” is a bit harsh. I probably wouldn’t permanently ban anyone, but on my post The Difference Between Men & Women-When Clothes Are Dirty? a commenter referring to him or herself as “Jesus Christ” left the following:

1915: 1.8 Billion people,
2010: 6.8 Billion people,
95 years: 5 Billion people,
2310: 22 Billion people,
Solution to problem: Stop Creating Babies

The comment is (1) anonymous, (2) irrelevant, and (3) somewhat bothersome to me (the father of a 2 year old cutie pie). I realize this blog is not a democracy, and I can do whatever I please ultimately.

But, dear readers, I am asking for your input (and trying out the WP poll feature):

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Commenting Policy

I don’t have one. I never really have. And I’ve never felt the need.

In fact, I am so forgiving with comments that I occasionally allow spam through just because I feel sorry for anyone who feels they have to spam others.

But, if I did have a comment policy, it would be summed up in Nick’s addendum to his.

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