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Break Through to Clarity and WIN Contest!

The New Living Translation Break Through to Clarity Bible Contest and Giveaway

Visit and click on the tab that says “Sweepstakes”

Fill out a simple form, take a quick Bible clarity survey, invite your friends to join and you’ll be entered to win one of our exciting prizes.

With each fan number milestone a new prize will be given away.

  • Grand PrizeApple iPad 64G and a Life Application Study Bible
    Awarded when the NLT Fan Page hits the fifth milestone.
    Retail Value: $829.00
  • 2nd Prize – Already awarded – 32G iPod Touch and a Life Application Study Bible – Awarded when the NLT Fan Page hits the fourth milestone.
    Retail Value: $300.00
  • 3rd Prize – Will be awarded when fan count hits: 3500 – Kindle DX and a Life Application Study Bible – Awarded when the NLT Fan Page hits the third milestone.
    Retail Value: $489.00
  • 4th Prize – Will be awarded when fan count hits: TBD – Apple iPad 16G and a Life Application Study Bible – Awarded when the New Living Translation Fan Page hits the second milestone.
    Retail Value: $499.00
  • 5th Prize – Will be awarded when fan count hits: TBD – Apple iPad 32G and a Life Application Study Bible – Awarded when the NLT Fan Page hits the first milestone.
    Retail Value: $599.00

Prize EligibilityRecently updated to include more countries

Sweepstakes participants and winner(s) can be U.S. residents of the 50 United States, or residents of any country that is NOT embargoed by the United States, but cannot be residents of Belgium, Norway, Sweden, or India.  In addition, participants and winner(s) must be at least 18 years old, as determined by the Company.

Sweepstakes Starts – March 17, 2010 @ 10:24 am (PDT)

Sweepstakes Ends – April 30, 2010 @ 10:24 am (PDT)

Wait, there’s more!

Visit for a chance to win a trip for two to Hawaii!

Here are the details:

Choose one of six passages of Scripture from the New Living Translation and consider:

  • How do these verses encourage you to know God better?
  • What is God teaching you in this passage?
  • How does this passage apply to your life?

Submit your answer and you’ll be entered to win.

Just for signing up: Everybody Wins! Win a Free .mp3 download from the NLT’s new Red Letters Project. It’s the dynamic, new presentation of the sung and narrated words of the Gospel of Matthew. You win the download just for entering! Or choose to download the NLT Philippians Bible Study, complete with the Book of Philippians in the NLT.

Every day, one person will win the best-selling Life Application Study Bible!

The grand prize: One person will win a fantastic trip for two to the crystal clear waters of the Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu’s North Shore in beautiful Hawaii.

Break Through to Clarity and WIN Contest!.

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Top 50-Official and Unofficial

In case anyone missed it, like me until today, the Biblioblog Top 50 for December is out, officially and unofficially.

Personally, I prefer the unofficial rankings which have BOB at 11 (down 5 slots from #6 in November), while the official rankings have me at 17 (-11). Considering I took 3 weeks off in December, I can live with either.

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Say It Ain’t So

Word from above is that the Biblioblog Top 50 list, in its current form at least, is history.

It was a good run and fun while it lasted. I must admit, I’ll miss the ol’ gal. Oh well, to quote the immortal Bobby Bowden, “nothing lasts forever.”

What really irritates me, though, is that now I have to go and find all those dead links on my blog. Shoot!

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November Top 50

The Biblioblog Top 50 for November is out. Of note:

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BOB’s 2 Year Anniversary

The official BOB two-year anniversary is tomorrow 11/07/09, but I will be working a spiritual freedom retreat away from computers, so I will just have to solicit pats on the back today.

Here is what has happened over the last couple of years:

My Top 5 Posts (# of views as of today):

  1. The Lord is My Shepherd (2,780)
  2. What Makes A Bible Translation Authoritative? My Top 5 (1,060)
  3. What’s in a Name? On Ishmael and Isaac (983)
  4. A Week withthe NLT Study Bible (941)
  5. How I Mark My Bible (768), and

Absolute Must-Read Post: 10 Things Churches Do Right.

My Personal Favorite (in recent memory): Don’t Bite Your Friends.

Best Anniversary Post (besides this one): One Year Anniversary.

Most Comments on a Post: When You Die, Where Will You Go? Are You Sure? (55).

Total Number of Posts: 257.

Total Number of Comments: 1870.

It’s been a great year. Thanks for all of your support.

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When You Die, Where Will You Go? Are Your Sure?

I’ve always been taught that when you die you go to heaven (if you’re a Christian, of course). However, I’ve always been a little ambivalent about the immediacy of that trip. I’ve never been entirely persuaded that I, or any of us, will end up in heaven immediately upon death, without a little stop over in “paradise,” “Abraham’s bosom,” or some other equally-cool name for the heavenly holding tank. But, I must admit, I’m not entirely sure.

Well, yesterday during our Revelation Bible study (specifically 1:17-18), this very question was raised (and not by me), as were a few eyebrows, and more than a few hairs on the back of necks. It didn’t generate an argument, but it did generate a great discussion (a perfect example of brothers and sisters disagreeing without becoming disagreeable). One which will no doubt continue in the hallway of our church, over coffee and lunches, and on the blogs of our church members (here, here, and of course, here at BOB).

So, I ask you, my blogging brethren, where do we go immediately upon death (if anywhere)?

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October Top 50

I know I’m a little late on this one, but in case you missed it the Biblioblog Top 50 for October is out. A few surprises, not many.

Jim and Joel are still one and two. Jeff is holding strong at nine. Jeremy, John and Jim (a different Jim) are also in the top ten along with a few other guys whose names do not start with “J.”

And yours truly, in a record setting traffic month, inches up one place to 12.

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