My Website: I am a lawyer by trade, so, if you need legal help in or around Sweetwater, Texas, call me. My wife and I also lead a marriage ministry. The website is still under construction, but it's up and running. You'll get the idea.

Online Bible Resources: An excellent Bible research site. Search multiple translations by passage, key word, or topic, and a lot of other resources. This is my most-used online and phone app tool. A free online resource for Bible study, with Hebrew and Greek interlinears, multiple translations and languages, and many, many study aids. Truly a first-rate resource.

e-Sword: Free Bible study software that you can download to your PC or PDA. Research multiple translations and in multiple languages, and many extra-Biblical resources. Enter your scripture and see where it happened on an interactive map. Way cool.

Hebrew Resources:

Ancient Hebrew Research Center (AHRC): This is definitely one of the best sites for learning about the ancient Hebrew alphabet, the symbolism of the pictographs, and all things Hebrew.

Hebrew for Christians: One of my absolute favorite websites! Everything you ever wanted to know about the Hebrew language, alphabet, symbolism, numbers, etc.

Support Opportunities:

Emmanuel Fellowship Church: A non-denominational gathering of Christians with a passion for Jesus, and our church home. Reaching the world from Sweetwater, Texas.

Tents of Mercy: A network of Messianic Jewish congregations in Israel providing humanitarian aid to refugees returning from the diaspora.

Tikkun Ministries: A network of congregations and organizations working toward the restoration of Israel and uniting Jews and Gentiles in the body of the Messiah (Christ).

The Caleb Company: Helping the Church discover its Jewish roots.

There are plenty of online Bible resources for you to use. This list is certainly not exhaustive, but it is a list of my favorites. If you know of others - in keeping with the general them of this site - please share below.