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EFC Nursery Christmas Video

Here is a short message from the EFC nursery kiddos, including The Libster who is holding the “Savior” sign.

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Fishing With Moses


Thanks to Joel who got it here.

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View from the Cross

One of my favorite things about the church we attend is that worship in a variety of forms is not only allowed, it is encouraged.

I was/am a part of a writer’s circle which produced a devotional, Fresh Focus, the print version of which the church gave as a Christmas gift to the members a couple of Christmases ago. And there are others.

But, one of my favorite forms of worship to observe is our prophetic art team. Each Sunday, one of the artists will paint during the worship service. The results are quite remarkable. During our monthly Nights of Worship, the team will rotate through each other’s art every 10-15 minutes and add their own take to the product – they call it “art fusion.” It really is something to watch unfold. Admittedly, the sum and substance of my art education comes entirely from Iain Pears novels and my own infrequently used pencil and sketch pad.

This Sunday’s product, coinciding with a sermon and drama series entitled “The View from the Cross” (Pilate’s Wife, Three Crosses =Three Mothers, and others to come through Easter Sunday) is shown below. The photo doesn’t do it justice, but you get the idea. There are prints of the original art works available for purchase, the proceeds go to missions teams.

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Yes, There is a Child Cuter

Yesterday, I asked if there was a cuter kid in the whole wide world than the Libster at 12 mos. Well, there is…the Libster at 16 mos. Here are a few of her Christmas photos.

And yet another plug for another equally cool photographer: Koti Templeton Photography.

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Is There a Cuter Kid in the Whole Wide World?

The Libster is now 16.5 mos., but these are her 1 yr. pictures. It just took us a while to finally pick the ones we wanted and order them. I mean, really, is there a cuter kid in the whole wide world (besides your own)?

I also want to plug our photographer who is phenomenal. Her name is Karyn Carbone and her company is In Bloom Photography. She and her family live in Sweetwater, Texas, but she travels all over the US (Florida, in particular) for weddings, engagement pictures, baby shoots, etc.

She also has a photoblog, and this is Libby’s shoot on her photoblog. Check out her stuff, you’ll be impressed.

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I Know All Men Are Created Equal but Come On

I’m sure God loves all children equally. And I believe all men are created equal, but, come on, He gave this child a little bonus in the looks department:

The Libster

The Libster

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Insert Joke Here

I’ve seen this sign a thousand times, and only today did I truly notice it:

primitive baptist

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