Poll: Should I Delete this Comment and Ban this Commenter?

Not 24 hours after announcing my lack of a comment policy and confessing sympathy for even spam commenters, I have been forced to reconsider. And I am faced with a dilemma. To ban or not to ban?

Actually, "ban" is a bit harsh. I probably wouldn't permanently ban anyone, but on my post The Difference Between Men & Women-When Clothes Are Dirty? a commenter referring to him or herself as "Jesus Christ" left the following:

1915: 1.8 Billion people, 2010: 6.8 Billion people, 95 years: 5 Billion people, 2310: 22 Billion people, Solution to problem: Stop Creating Babies

The comment is (1) anonymous, (2) irrelevant, and (3) somewhat bothersome to me (the father of a 2 year old cutie pie). I realize this blog is not a democracy, and I can do whatever I please ultimately.

But, dear readers, I am asking for your input (and trying out the WP poll feature):

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