The Big 12 Was Fun While It Lasted

I was sad when the Southwest Conference disbanded, but the Big 12 was a much needed upgrade. Now that the Big 12 is imploding, I'm just frustrated. I blame Nebraska and its sour grapes.

Oh, I'm sure I'll get used to the PAC 16-or whatever it will be called. Who knows(?), it might even be better than the Big 12, but I hope Texas, Texas A&M, and Oklahoma State crush Nebraska this year as a farewell statement. I really wish Texas Tech played Nebraska this year, a 70-24 score would be nice.

And I feel sorry for Baylor, Kansas, Kansas State. A little less so for Iowa State, but only because I barely got to know her. But not at all for Missouri because she's been playing the harlot all along just begging for someone to ask her to dance.

The Texas schools should thump Colorado, too, this year for jumping the gun to avoid being displaced by Baylor, and because everyone in Texas is going to have to listen to Baylor alums whine for the next 2 years.

Oh well, I'd rather watch a Pac 16 championship game with Texas-USC, Oklahoma-Oregon, or Texas Tech-Cal than suffer through one with any Big 12 North offense.

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