Romans Bible Study

Our Wednesday night Bible study (which was Hebrews last semester) got a second act. This semester we will be studying the book of Romans. For those following the Hebrews Bible Study online, I realize I haven't posted the concluding chapters, which I will do when I get a little spare time, but I invite you to follow our Romans Bible Study. Last night we kicked off this semester with a lifegroup party before we dig into Romans starting next Wednesday.

Our group experienced some pretty cool stuff last semester, and we were presented with one ministry opportunity after another, after another. And it sure is fun watching all of that continue to unfold. So, I think we will be expanding even more the ministry aspect of our lifegroup, but without shortchanging the Bible study itself. I'm hoping we can make the ministry stuff our extra-curricular activity, so we can have the study element, the ministry element, and the testimonial element, without having to cram all of it into 1.5 hours a week.

This will be the repository for all of the Romans Bible Study posts for now until the semester is over and I can compile all of the posts into one master post, so bookmark this page. The chapter links below will become active as the semester progresses.

Any suggestions regarding commentaries, extra reading, etc. would be much appreciated. I've ordered two commentaries (Stott's Romans: Encountering the Gospel's Power and Kuhatschek's Romans: Becoming New in Christ), but they have yet to arrive.

It's going to be another great semester!

  • Romans Chapter 1
  • Romans Chapter 2
  • Romans Chapter 3
  • Romans Chapter 4
  • Romans Chapter 5
  • Romans Chapter 6
  • Romans Chapter 7
  • Romans Chapter 8
  • Romans Chapter 9
  • Romans Chapter 10
  • Romans Chapter 11
  • Romans Chapter 12
  • Romans Chapter 13
  • Romans Chapter 14
  • Romans Chapter 15
  • Romans Chapter 16

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