God is Bigger than the Boogie Man

Veggie Tales. God is Bigger. Where is God When I'm Scared.

Veggie Tales. God is Bigger. Where is God When I'm Scared.

I think we, myself included, do our very best to complicate theology to our detriment. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for precision, but there are times when simple is better. I was introduced to Veggie Tales a couple of weeks ago - my wife bought The Libster a DVD. And now that we've watched it a thousand times, I'm amazed by both the simplicity and profundity of something like the song "God is Bigger (than the Boogie Man)".

I think this is a notion we give intellectual assent, but rarely employ in practice. We like the idea of having a big God, but we don't like the responsibility of having a big God.

For example, I like the idea that God is bigger than the Boogie Man, but what happens when I meet the Boogie Man face-to-face (or, insert scary thing of your choice). I can think back to instances where I've cowered, forgot how big I thought God was, or simply realized that I didn't believe what I thought I believed. Thankfully, there is grace for those situations, and, slowly but surely, I'm learning that God really is that big.

I'm not on the lookout for Boogie Men or Women, but I believe my God is bigger.

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