Not Exactly the Holiday Inn

My regular readers will know that I'm a fan of searching out obscure, often lost, stuff in scripture. Well, I must admit, I never thought to research the inn in Bethlehem referenced in the story of the birth of Jesus. Now, I don't have to. It was the subject of our pastor's sermon Sunday morning. I guess I do if I want to figure out if he's right, there was a little scriptural hopscotch being played to make the connections he made, but my initial reaction was, "that's pretty cool." And I still haven't come up with a reason why it's wrong, so it must be right. Right? ;)

It's worth a read, but you won't get the full flavor just from his post, The Inn in Bethlehem. If you have a few minutes, give the podcast (Sacrifice and Relationships) a listen, too.

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