5 Protestant Icons

I was tagged by my blogging buddy Gary (whose blog has the coolest name in all of blogdom, The Sundry Times) to name five Protestant icons. It's hard to narrow to five, but I shall do my best. 1. John Wesley - I must agree with Gary, Wesley is as iconic as they come, and, since I attended a Methodist university, I hereby pay homage.

2. John Wycliffe - Not so much for his theology (which, admittedly, I am unable to quote chapter and verse), but for his determination to have the Bible translated into the common tongue, in his case and our's, English - lest we have to study Latin ad usum propium. Or Hebrew or Greek.

3. C.S. Lewis - I don't think this one requires much explanation.

4. Billy Graham - Other than the Apostle Paul himself, has anyone else been responsible for leading more men and women to Christ? If so, who?

5. Derek Prince - My own personal favorite and hero in the faith. He brought intellect and faith together like no one else I know.

I tag anyone who thinks they can come up with a better list.

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