Giving Thanks

I think we too often reduce thanksgiving to a simple emotion, or, once a year, to a holiday where we remember and acknowledge those persons and things that stirred that emotion. And I certainly don't want to diminish or dismiss those, but thanksgiving is first and foremost an offering. An offering made to a recipient. We tend to be pretty good about making those offerings to earthly recipients. The endless stream of "Thank You" notes (for which I am most thankful, but mostly to my wife for writing mine) comes to mind. The "Thank You" note for the "Thank You" note has always puzzled me, though.

What about when there is no earthly recipient? Is there a better apologetic for the existence of God than a sense of thanksgiving with no one to whom it is owed?

I am thankful for many things, many of which have individuals associated therewith I can thank. But I can only offer my thanks to God for having the luxury of being so thankful.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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