Two Types of Typos-I Really Hate One

I understand typos. I don't like them, but I'm guilty of committing them, so I get them. But, as I see it, there are two types: (1) the typo that looks like a typo (e.g., teh blatant missed keustroke), and (2) the typo that makes the writer look like an idiot. Last Friday, I was guilty of the latter. But I'm not an idiot (not for this reason, anyway), I just didn't catch it until this morning.

I wrote:

This past summer, my blogging buddy Joel and I engaged in a friendly discussion about whether there will or will not be and end-times revival.

The correction in the original has been made, but it sat there all weekend. So, to you grammarians out there, I apologize. I have already kicked myself in the teeth repeatedly.

In the future, feel free to catch my mistakes for me and drop me a line correcting me. Thanks.

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