One of the Best Sermons on the Holy Spirit I've Heard

I just wanted to share this sermon on walking with the Holy Spirit. It is one of the best sermons on the Holy Spirit I've heard in a long time (and from a Baptist preacher, no less). I think our mindset is backward. We think we (1) meet Jesus, (2) get saved, and (3) progress into the things of the Spirit, when it is the power of the Holy Spirit that can enable our walk with Jesus from the beginning if we allow it.

Disclaimer: We attended this church (Beltway Park Baptist Church) for a few years, and absolutely loved it. We attended through a satellite campus which closed, so we found a local church. Enjoy!

Beltway Media Player

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Note: the conference referenced is the Global Awakening School of Healing here and here (which my wife is actually attending as I'm writing).

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