When You Die, Where Will You Go? Are Your Sure?

I've always been taught that when you die you go to heaven (if you're a Christian, of course). However, I've always been a little ambivalent about the immediacy of that trip. I've never been entirely persuaded that I, or any of us, will end up in heaven immediately upon death, without a little stop over in "paradise," "Abraham's bosom," or some other equally-cool name for the heavenly holding tank. But, I must admit, I'm not entirely sure. Well, yesterday during our Revelation Bible study (specifically 1:17-18), this very question was raised (and not by me), as were a few eyebrows, and more than a few hairs on the back of necks. It didn't generate an argument, but it did generate a great discussion (a perfect example of brothers and sisters disagreeing without becoming disagreeable). One which will no doubt continue in the hallway of our church, over coffee and lunches, and on the blogs of our church members (here, here, and of course, here at BOB).

So, I ask you, my blogging brethren, where do we go immediately upon death (if anywhere)?

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