Hebrews Bible Study-Week 5

As I mentioned in my recap of week 4, we made it through the first six verses of chapter 6. We finally finished chapter 6. We still probably didn't cover the second half of chapter 6 as thoroughly as I would have liked, but we did get through it. I began by asking, if we are supposed to move beyond the "milk" referenced in chapter 5 to "solid food," how do we do that? What are practical steps we can take to move beyond milk? The first was the most obvious, recognize that we are still partaking of milk, not just individually, but collectively as a body. There were others, most of them about maturing individually in our respective walks with Christ.

However, there was another (in retrospect, obvious) answer that my good friend Curtis (who blogs at The Watchman's Gaze) suggested, which is to pray and ask God what the solid food is. The author of Hebrews doesn't elaborate, he or she only laments that the audience is not ready, though they should be. I think it is safe to say that there is solid food prepared for each of us individually, for groups of us, and for the body as a whole. It also seems apparent that God is ready for us to be partakers. We seem to be the hold up.

We actually did cover the remainder of chapter 6 (and you can read other discussion points on the chapter 6 notes), but those were the highlights of our discussion.

Hebrews Bible Study-Week 6

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