Hebrews Bible Study Update

As I mentioned in the first Hebrews Bible Study Update, our church has a church-wide Night of Worship on the first Wednesday of each month, so there was no Hebrews Bible Study this past Wednesday. I did go ahead and post the chapter 6 study notes so there wouldn't be too long of a lag between Bible study related posts. Which leads me to my second point: the reason we are a week behind is because last Wednesday we were landed with a ministry opportunity which took up the entire time. I do not write this with the least bit of regret because it was an excellent opportunity for the body of Christ to be the body.

And, if we get landed with other such ministry opportunities in the future, we will just get further and further behind because the opportunity to pray for someone and minister to their needs will always take priority. Fortunately, I think the other members of the group agree wholeheartedly, and I think they were also blessed that our Bible study became a prayer session.

This was actually the  third week in a row where the Lord has led a different and new non-church member to our little meeting for specific prayer needs. This one just took a little longer than the others, but each have been remarkable ministry opportunities.

And one thing is for sure: something good is happening (even if it's not always Bible study related).

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