Ten Random Beliefs Meme

Thanks to Joel for the tag:

1. I believe there is far more dividing the body of Christ than uniting it, when it should be the exact opposite.

2. I believe that cooking with recipes ought to be a sin (it removes the love).

3. I believe people get offended too easily.

4. I believe God has a pretty cool sense of humor. He must given that we are His creation.

5. I believe the first cable/satellite television company to offer by-channel subscriptions will take over the world (I don't need 200, but I would subscribe to about 12).

6. I believe television shows have gotten smarter and movies have gotten dumber.

7. I believe my child is the cutest child in the world, perhaps of all time.

8. I believe college football is better than professional football.

9. I believe coming up with 10 Random Beliefs is harder than I thought it would be.

10. I believe that none of us have all of the answers, all of us have some of the answers, and God intended it that way.

I tag Eric, Jeff (because I know he really wants to play), and Jason.

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