Book Review-Every Man's Bible

Every Mans Bible: A Bible for Every Battle Every Man Faces. A book review.

Every Mans Bible: A Bible for Every Battle Every Man Faces. A book review.

I want to thank Tyndale House for the courtesy copy of Every Man's Bible: A Bible for Every Battle Every Man Faces. Book Details:

Every Man's Bible (NLT)

Tyndale House

ISBN 978-0-8423-7484-2

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For anyone familiar with and who benefited from Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker's Every Man's Battle: Winning the War on Sexual Temptation One Victory at a Time, Tyndale's Every Man's Bible will be a familiar and complimentary study Bible.

Every Man's Bible is jam packed with study notes, essays, sidebars, charts, graphs, and what the editors call "Personal Gold," described as snapshots from Christian books about men living the Christian life.

The inserts and materials are non-traditional with topics like "What the Bible Says About Sports," What the Bible Says About Getting Old," What the Bible says about Failure," "What the Bible Says About Money," and "What the Bible says about Competition." The language is contemporary and the graphics are prominent, appropriate for a younger male audience.

As a specialty Bible, it is broader in scope than you might initially think. I would actually describe it more as a "Life Application Study Bible" for men because the focus is on applying biblical principles to day-to-day life. In that respect, it works well. If I had a teenage boy, I would give it to him as required reading. Come to think of it, I might give it to my daughter when she reaches about 16 or 17 so she knows what to expect from her male peers and/or suitors.

The format is not for everybody. If you don't like graphics, inserts, and other modern features that make publications busier, you will probably find the format distracting. I have written before that I personally prefer thinlines or text-only Bibles for personal reading and church going. However, I have several heaftier Bibles for at-home use. This Bible is a hybrid. It has the additional stuff of a large study Bible, but the size of a personal-sized, mid-width Bible.

The hardcover edition is sturdy and will hold up to considerable wear. It is also considerably less expensive. The Tu-tone, imitation leather edition is attractive and suited to young men. In other words, it's a Bible a young man would look cool carrying.

I would highly recommend Every Man's Bible for the any or all of the following:

  • Young men (teens, college age)
  • Newly married (men and women)
  • Single men
  • Parents of teenage boys
  • Youth organizations
  • Youth pastors and leaders
  • Young women who want insight into men
  • Newbie Christians (men and couples)
  • Anyone counseling young men (or couples)

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