Good While They Lasted

Admittedly, my attention span is not what it once was, but I have read so many posts over the last several days about the following topics I just don't think I can do it anymore (at least until after the holiday weekend):

  • The TNIV/NIV and NIV 2011 controversy - I just don't care anymore. When the 2011 NIV comes out, I'll probably buy one because that's just me, but, until then...
  • Men vs. Women bibliobloggers - I have about 55 blogs in my Google Reader and 6 of them that I know for sure are women. There may be others, and there are team blogs (i.e., the NLT Blog) which have women on the team, but those percentages seem to be about on par with what the Biblioblog Top 50 has percentage-wise. I know I don't discriminate intentionally, so I buy the whole numbers thing.
  • That's About It - I thought there were 3 things, but I can't remember any others, so never mind. All other blog topics are fair game.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, and why wouldn't you, it's the first weekend of college football.

Random Thought for the Day

Someone (Else) is Addicted to Mark Stevens