Want to Make a Few Extra Bucks Online?

Earn cash for your writing at Hubpages

Earn cash for your writing at Hubpages

My conversation with Jeff about blog bookstores leads me to share this: When I first started blogging, I simultaneously started writing for Hubpages, primarily as a means to promote my blog. Those of you on Wordpress.com, or who write primarily Bible blogs, know that Bible blogging is hardly a way to make money. In fact, blogging has actually cost me money because of my vanity url.

However, when I was writing for Hubpages, I did ultimately make a little extra cash. For example, since I have opened the BOB Bookstore, I have had approximately 11 clicks (in about 3 months) resulting in zero purchases yielding zero dollars. No big surprise.

While on Hubpages, I published 49 hubs, resulting in over 950 Amazon clicks, with over 40 purchases, yielding about $32. However, I did make considerably more in Google Adsense revenue. Without going into detail, I reached Google's payout limit ($100) twice and will reach it again soon.

I haven't published anything new on Hubpages in about a year, but my hubs are still active and earning, and I may publish over there again someday. Why am I not writing there now, you ask? Well, simple: it's addictive!

I spent way too much time playing around over there, reading, writing, and hanging out in the forums. I had to quit cold turkey. My primary regret is that I spent far too much time piddling instead of publishing.

The key to earning money on Hubpages, as with most everything else, is patience. If you're willing to invest a little time, you can make it worth it in the long run.

How you earn money on Hubpages:

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