Okay, I Did It, I Bought a TNIV

At the prodding of various blogging buddies (TC, in particular) I finally broke down and bought a TNIV. I don't think I was ever resistant to the idea, I just assumed my NIV (of which my wife and I collectively have 4-5) would suffice. Also, to be quite honest, it's hard to come across a copy of a TNIV in a book store around here. I do live in rural Texas after all, and most bookstores around here do not carry the TNIV. I shop online a lot, and I buy books online a lot, but I have never bought a Bible online (to the best of my recollection) because I need to look at, feel of and smell a new Bible if I'm going to buy it. I need to drool over it for a few weeks before I get up the gumption to buy it.

I just totally lied, because now that I think about it, I did buy a paperback JPS Hebrew/English Tanakh and a copy of David Stern's Complete Jewish Bible a couple of years ago. My apologies for misleading you.

In any event, a Mardel opened recently in Abilene and it does carry a reasonable selection of TNIVs. I was thinking this Hebrews Bible Study would be a great way to try out a new Bible translation. But, I'm having second thoughts because (1) my other Bibles are already marked up and (2) I would bet money that no one attending will be reading a TNIV.

I'm also probably treading on thin ice because I was forbidden from purchasing any more Bibles until we move into a new house with more bookshelves. I better break the news about the purchase to my honey before she reads this post. ;)

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