Biblioblog Top 50 for July

Biblioblog Top 50
Biblioblog Top 50

The Biblioblog Top 50 for July is out, and here are the highlights:

  • BOB's good friend Elshaddai Edwards is No. 14 which is especially sad given this announcement. You will be missed, my friend.
  • BOB's newest friend and fellow "end-times revival" debater (here and here), Polycarp, stays strong at No. 2, virtually neck-and-neck with No. 1.
  • Coming in at No. 1 again this month, you guessed it, Dr. Jim West. You know, I've changed my mind wanting Polycarp to dethrone Jim, even if just for a's almost too fun having Jim remain atop the list.
  • And, last but not least, yours truly cracks the top five finishing a strong 4th.

Thank you guys very much for reading.

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