Prayer Request-Kids' School of Worship

School of Worship, Emmanuel Fellowship Church, Sweetwater, Texas.

School of Worship, Emmanuel Fellowship Church, Sweetwater, Texas.

Tonight, our church's Kids' School of Worship begins - and it runs through Friday. It's something altogether quite different from a typical VBS. As you may (or may not) know, my wife is the children's pastor at our church, so the planning and preparation for the worship camp has fallen primarily on her shoulders. And she's done remarkably well at getting this thing ready to go. Now, we just need all of the intangibles and little things to fall in place so it goes off without a hitch (or, too many hitches). If you get a minute and think about it, remember this event in your prayers.

Each night, the kids will be learning various postures of praise and methods of worship. Essentially, they will learn to worship using their own individual talents and gifts. There will be art, drumming, flagging, dancing, and a whole host of other sessions where the kids can experiment and develop their own avenues of worship. The whole week will culminate in a big church-wide Night of Worship where they kids and adults will worship together. It should be pretty cool.

This was an idea berthed in my wife at a children's pastors' conference we recently attended, but it's the first of its kind anywhere around here. Pray for us and they kids.

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