Which Modern Evangelist/Theologian are You

This was something of a shock (especially given the discussion I had with Polycarp):

Peter took the Which Modern Evangelist/Theologian are You? quiz and the result is John Piper.

You are the Pastor of Bethlehem Baptist in Minneapolis. You are a brilliant thinker, writer and preacher. However, you also question wether John Calvin was enough of a Calvinist. You wield the sword of protection for any perceived threat to God's sovereignty. Unfortunately, your idea of God's sovereignty is pretty much limited to the idea of "Predestination" and not much else. No one can doubt where your heart stands, and you are deeply passionate about Christ. Unfortunately, you are often perceived as being narrow & rigid. It's not fair, but you might do yourself a favor by not reminding people what degenerate, filthy robots we are. (Most of us already know that)

Well, there you have it. At least they got the "brilliant thinker, writer..." part right. And it's a Facebook app so it must be right, right?

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