Blogs I Read Most-A Truly Objective Look

Blogs I read, Trends.

Blogs I read, Trends.

I've enjoyed reading the non-meme going around where bloggers post the blogs they read most. I was not entirely sure I could be fair or unbiased, so I checked the "Trends" in my Google Reader to see what I have been reading. Here are the results:

It seems there are 8 blogs where I've read 100% of the posts (excluding my own, of course), and they are:

and not appearing because of the infrequent postings of late, but still at 100%:

and rounding out the top 10 at 97%:

and tied at 94%:

Disclaimer: It took at least 13 posts in the last 30 days to make it into the top 20, an issue you may take up with Google. There are other 100%ers who wrote under 13, but it didn't seem fair to say I've read 100% of a blog's posts if they've only published 3 posts in the last month.

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