An Exciting New Blog-The World Bible Translation Center Blog

I am excited to report on a new blog I was emailed about last night (by my pastor). It is the World Bible Translation Center Weekly Blog (Wonder of the Word). The Wonder of the has a Beauty of the Bible sort of feel, doesn't it? As it happens, the founding pastor of our church now works at the World Bible Translation Center. If I'm not mistaken, an Arabic translation was released recently, and the WBTC is currently working on several translation projects. Here is the list of the languages in which the WBTC has completed a translation, and you can download the Bible in pdf form in Burmese, Punjabi, or one of the other languages.

The WBTC has also published an English Easy-to-Read Version (ERV) (originally the English Version for the Deaf, or the EVD), which served as the basis for the International Children's Version (ICV) which I am becoming acquainted with as the father of an 11-month old. So, you may be familiar with the WBTC even if you're not familiar with it.

If you are so led, you may also support the WBTC financially (the blog is not a solicitation for funds, by the way) which our church and my family does. We have been told that it costs approximately $750,000.00 to translate the Bible into a new language, or approximately $25.00 per verse. It should come as no surprise to my readers that my wife and I have chosen to sponsor Genesis 1:1 in as many languages as possible.

It is a worthwhile project and I highly encourage you to support it in any way possible. You can put it in your blogroll.

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