Biblioblog Top 50 for May-BOB Cracks Top 10

Biblioblog Top 50.

Biblioblog Top 50.

The new Biblioblog Top 50 for the month of May is out.

Your's truly (Beauty of the Bible) has cracked the top 10 (but just barely), coming in at #10, up 13 spots from #23 last month.

Many thanks to all of you guys for reading.

Here are some other notables:

  1. Dr. Jim West refused to relinquish the top spot and remains at #1.
  2. BOB's good friend Jeff (Scripture Zealot) is up an impressive 29 spots to #18.
  3. Bryan Lilly of KATAGRAPHAIS (and the newest member of BOB's blogroll) is the big mover and shaker up 108 spots to #19.

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