Blogging From Bethel-Part 3

During one of our sessions, we practiced hearing God. We were to ask God to tell us our heavenly name, or what God calls us. It was pretty cool. My wife has two, they are "Glorious" and "Lovely," and she is definitely both of those. I'm glad God notices, too, and it's not just me.

I asked on behalf of Libby (our nine-month old), and she is a lamp, a "Guiding Light" which is also fitting. I prophecied over her shortly after she was born that she would wear a soul-winner's crown, and that leading people to the Lord would come easily to her, so that she is a lamp unto the feet of others is nicely comforting.

My heavenly name is "Absalom," which was rather disturbing at first. If you're familiar with Absalom, you know what I mean. But as I contemplated the meaning of "Absalom" (peaceful father or father of peace), I realized this was a good thing. I'm a pretty peaceful guy, and I've always thought of myself as a peacemaker, therefore blessed.

It's also just like God to give me my name in Hebrew and have me go search it out. He's really awesome that way!

The following day, when I was not around, a woman approached my wife out of the blue with a word for Libby: she would be a peaceful child, which, if you know Libby, is hard to fathom (she's quite the spitfire). So, I guess that makes me a father of peace afterall.

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