Apparently Tithing is Still a Touchy Subject

It's funny to learn what subjects generate interest. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a short post wherein I simply asked the question, "Why is the tithe a tenth?" And it is still generating more comments than my other recent posts combined.

It's not is my post with the most comments (yet)(as of 3/10/09), but I went a whole weekend without looking at a computer screen (or accessing any of my blog stuff from my iPhone - I bet that's a record for me), and I return to several weekend comments all on that same post.

I don't mean to be critical of the commenting, not at all. The comments have, for the most part, been great. I enjoy reading them, and I have learned a great deal from them.  I simply posed a question that had been nagging at me for a couple of weeks expecting a few friends to share a few thoughts, but now I'm even questioning some of my own ideas.

Maybe I should write about speaking in tongues, healing, or whether Paul authored Hebrews and really get the fires stoked.

Thank you all who have commented. Please don't stop.

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