I've Never Been Described Like That

The Biblioblog Top 50 is now a stand-alone blog.  The blog contains a purportedly complete list of active biblioblogs.  If you are interested in some new reading material, you might want to check out the list. If you scroll down the "Complete Biblioblog List" page to the "Early Judaism" category, you will find Beauty of the Bible.  I'm not entirely sure about the categorization, but it works as well as any other I suppose.  What is interesting, however, is the "Conservative-Liberal" classification, which ranges from "Very Conservative" to "Very Liberal" with several stops in between.

To my surprise, Beauty of the Bible is classified as "Very Conservative."  This will be news to my wife, who makes Ann Coulter look like a weenie.

...If you read further, the label is not a political description, but a description with respect to Biblical inspiration/doctrine, but don't tell my wife that.

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