This is a follow up to My Covenant where I attempted to show the prophetic nature of God saying "My covenant" as revealed in the original ancient Hebrew alphabet pictographs. Just in case there is any question about God's intent in foretelling this, his ultimate covenant, I will show how the very same word picture painted in My Covenant is found in two other key words and phrases.

In my next post, I will write about the word "Hebrew", but today I want to write about another first: the first word of the Bible. The first word in the Bible is the Hebrew word "Barasheet", most frequently translated, "In the beginning...".

As before, I want to show the Hebrew word "barasheet" as it would look in the original pictographs. The Hebrew word "barasheet" is comprised of the Hebrew letters BET (the equivalent of our letter "B")(pictured in the ancient Hebrew as a House or Tent, and meaning house, as in "the house of David". RESH (R)(pictured as a man's head, meaning the first or highest person. ALEPH (A)(pictured as an ox head, meaning God and/or strength, as in the Lord is my strength). SHIN (Sh)(pictured as two teeth, meaning to consume or destroy). YOD (Y)(pictured as an arm from the fist to the elbow, meaning my hand/efforts). TAV (T)(pictured as two crossed sticks, meaning a mark or covenant).

Thus, "In the beginning...", God reveals that the SON (recall from My Covenant that the Hebrew letters BET and RESH form the Hebrew/Aramaic word "bar", or Son) of GOD will be DESTROYED with his HANDS on a CROSS.

I have tried to give a visual representation of, "In the beginning..." Note: Hebrew is read right to left, so the pictographs are arranged right to left.

The Language of God

My Covenant