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Kids’ School of Worship-Night 3

School of Worship (457 x 305)Thursday was another fantastic night. On the agenda was “Warring with God.”

The sessions were flagging (“The Lord is my banner…”) and praying (specifically for the nations) and another round of games-kids need to get a little wet during July in Texas.

Thursday was the final night of teaching, but the Kids’ School of Worship converges tonight with our church’s monthly Night of Worship, and the kids and adults will worship together, implementing a lot of what the kids learned all week. There will be a station set up tonight corresponding to each session, so there will be an art station; a drumming station; and flagging, dancing, soaking and praying areas.

The kids are familiar with it all now, but it should be interesting for the adults who haven’t been there this week.

Thanks again for all of your prayers and support.

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Kids’ School of Worship-Night 2

School of Worship (457 x 305)Wednesday night was excellent, or so I hear. I had to bail early because The Libster had about had it by 7pm. She was not enjoying being out of her routine.

The kids learned about “Postures of Praise” (kneeling, laying down, hands raised, etc.). The sessions were dancing, soaking and games. The reports about what some of the kids (and a few adults) experienced during the soaking time were pretty amazing.

One thing our pastor continually reminds us is that children do not get a “junior” Holy Spirit, and, even though I was already convinced of this before this week, I am thoroughly convinced of this now.

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Kids School of Worship-Night 1

School of Worship (457 x 305)The first night of the Kids’ School of Worship was a success. Thank you all for your prayers, support and kind words.

Last night, the kids learned about expressing worship through art (painting, sketching, etc.), crafts and drumming (tom toms, bongos, etc.). They had a blast, and I think the adults helping and watching did also.

The older group of 4th and 5th graders were so good drumming that they are performing as a group on Sunday during regular service.

Tonight: writing, dancing and soaking.

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John Bolton has a Good NYT Op-Ed Piece on the Israel-Iran Standoff

John Bolton has a nice op-ed piece on the whole Israel and Iran nuclear standoff that’s worth reading.

His conclusion:

Absent Israeli action, prepare for a nuclear Iran.

To which, I can only say, “Well, duh!”

I don’t mean to make light of the situation, and, in this instance, I agree with Mr. Bolton. But, this is one we should have all seen coming from a mile away

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Prayer Request-Kids’ School of Worship

School of Worship (457 x 305)Tonight, our church’s Kids’ School of Worship begins – and it runs through Friday. It’s something altogether quite different from a typical VBS.

As you may (or may not) know, my wife is the children’s pastor at our church, so the planning and preparation for the worship camp has fallen primarily on her shoulders. And she’s done remarkably well at getting this thing ready to go. Now, we just need all of the intangibles and little things to fall in place so it goes off without a hitch (or, too many hitches). If you get a minute and think about it, remember this event in your prayers.

Each night, the kids will be learning various postures of praise and methods of worship. Essentially, they will learn to worship using their own individual talents and gifts. There will be art, drumming, flagging, dancing, and a whole host of other sessions where the kids can experiment and develop their own avenues of worship. The whole week will culminate in a big church-wide Night of Worship where they kids and adults will worship together. It should be pretty cool.

This was an idea berthed in my wife at a children’s pastors’ conference we recently attended, but it’s the first of its kind anywhere around here. Pray for us and they kids.

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Another Cool Giveaway

The Justice Game

The Justice Game

Bitsy Griffin (Jack of All Trades) is giving away a gift certificate for Randy Singer’s The Justice Game.

The contest runs through July 31 with the winner to be drawn on August 1. Enter by commenting on the original post. Enter a second time by posting about the contest.

You can also read her review of The Justice Game.

Good luck.

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Another Monday Morning Review

I had another opportunity to write this week’s Monday Morning Review for our church in our pastor’s absence. It was fun.

I want to thank those of you who read last week’s (if you haven’t, you still can).

There is some great music, a few videos, several links to pretty cool stuff, and other church-specific type stuff. Enjoy!

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Honest Scrap Award

honest-scrapThanks to my buddy Polycarp for bestowing upon me the Honest Scrap Award. It reminds me of a facebook game that was going around some time back, but this is thankfully much shorter.

The rules are simple, reveal 10 honest things about yourself and tag seven bloggers to do the same.

  1. I am one of the world’s worst procrastinator. I’ve been working on trying to fix this, but it’s taking a lot longer than I thought.
  2. Before my wife and I were married, I fired her. She worked in my office when she was in college, and I gave her the choice of continuing to work for me or date me – she obviously made the right choice (or working for me was so bad that dating me was a better option).
  3. I think Diet Coke is the “dew of heaven.”
  4. I am an intensely private person, but I write for the whole world to read. Figure that one out.
  5. My CNN addiction ended on my wedding day. Now it’s only reality television…just kidding. Who said men don’t change?
  6. I really, really wanted to go to law school, but I never really wanted to be a lawyer.
  7. I won my first criminal jury trial ever. My client was charged with assaulting a police officer, and I wasn’t exactly sure how we were going to pull it off. But, the jury found my client “not guilty.” Later, one of the jurors told me I shouldn’t be defending criminals, which is a little presumptuous, seeing as how they acquitted him. Later still, I ended up marrying the niece of the police officer’s sister. I know it sounds confusing, but it really isn’t: the cop’s sister is married to my wife’s uncle. I trust all is forgiven by now.
  8. I spent over a year studying Genesis 1:1 in Hebrew and the ancient Hebrew pictographs, its symbolism and extra-textual meaning. I think it is the greatest sentence ever written.
  9. When we rent movies, we rarely ever agree on which to rent, so we rent multiple and then draw to determine the order in which we will watch.
  10. My favorite television show of all time is Seinfeld, currently it is Deadliest Catch.

I tag HiScrivener, Gary, Bitsy, Jeff (come on, Jeff, play this one), Esteban, Vee, and Matt.



Guest Post on Monday Morning Review

Our pastor’s on vacation, so he asked me to write his Monday Morning Review blog posts while he’s gone. It was fun to write, something different from what I usually do here.

If anyone is interested, check out my first guest post entitled “When the Shepherd’s Away, the Sheep Will Play.”

It’s fairly specific to our church, but I’ve provided links to the music played during our worship on Sunday and a couple of videos worth checking out. There’s some other ministry stuff, some stuff to be praying for, and a whole slew of links. Enjoy!

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I’ve Got to Give My Readers a lot of Credit

I’ve got to give my readers a lot of credit for being such an insightful and discerning bunch. The best evidence for this is found in the comments (and a little reading between the lines):

Post – Number of Comments to Date:

So much for trying to get you guys involved in current events. It’s arguments, silly facebook quizzes, and spur of the moment theological questions from now on.

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